Monday, March 27, 2017

Colour poem

I am the playful misbehaving waves. The Cookie Monster, the sparkling Diamond.
 I am the Jumping dolphins,  the clear sky 
. Peacock  feathers,
juicy blueberries . The cheeky birds.

I am blue 

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Tena koutou

Ko Aoraki te maunga
Ko ōtakoro te awa
Ko waimairi  te kuru
Ko ngāti Aotearoa te iwi 
Ko Andrew Taku
Ko Trudi taku mama 
Nō ōtautahi ahau
Ko Emily take ingoa 
Tena koutou,  tena koutou , tena koutou katoa 

Acrostic poem

Ice cream lover 
Love the beach 

Open mind
Talking person 
Open mind 
Nacho lover 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Steep ride

The Steep Ride 
It's term one in Hamner’s forest a steep hill awaits. I feel like I'm on top of the world. My palms are sweating and I'm shivering. Sophie's yelling “come down! come on!” I couldn't stop thinking of if I would plummet into pain.  “Ok 123 go” a voice echoed. I zoomed down I hit the brakes. ‘Creek’ “I did it I did it” I yelled with joy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ABC holiday

A guy in Hoyts gave me tickets to the movies
Boated to Split Apple Rock
Cats scratched me
Dead sheep by a river 
Entering my new house was exiting 
Fishing In the boat
Hit a rock ( in boat)
In the holidays I hit my chin 
Jaws the movie 
KSI is a channel I watch on Youtube 
Lawns I played on
Moving house is tiring 
No said my mum when I asked  for money 
Over the hill I went to nelson 
Pulled a muscle in my back 
Queen bee stung me ouch 
Running next to the pool is dangerous
Sidemen are my favorite group of people.
Talking to family 
Uncle and Aunty visited
Venison is delicious 
Went to Nelson 
Xbox 1 is quite new 
Yes said my mum when I asked for lollies 
Zoo animals 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

My speech - stop littering

Do you want to know something crazy about the world? I think litter is going to be president  soon. You know why ? Because I look and I see it everywhere.  it
 gets worse every day . It reminds me of Donald trump you know how tern on the tv and you see him everyday and starts complaining about something new  .

People think the beach is a bin and it's not ! do the waves have arms ,no! It's not like they can grab the rubbish and just throw it away . It's our  responsibility to pick up our litter after we leave. Our rubbish gets stuck in the sea and fish eat the plastic when it breaks down. That means when you eat that  delicious fish you get at the  fish and chip shop your you're actually eating  the plastic then it goes on an adventure in your stomach . Yuck!

  People in  cars are part of the problem too. I was just driving down the road and the driver in front of me threw a Doritos bag that was half full out of the window! If I was them I would the Doritos  and 2. I would keep it with me Until I found some kind of bin . The world is not a dump 
people !

You know parks not just playgrounds, but picnic parks, all of the bins always overloaded and then when the wind comes...swoosh, it goes EVERYWHERE.   We NEED MORE BINS , or have a yellow bins, green bins and red bins   We have to  look after our community together. 

you probably think  space is a clean place but I've  got news for you it's not. Have you ever heard of SPACE JUNK? SPACE JUNK is unused man made parts from satellites and  rockets that orbits around the earth. You know how rockets shoot up in the air... poff, well only a quarter of the rocket  makes it  to where it needs to go and the rest just brakes  into millions of tiny pieces of metal. Did you know that since July 2013 more than 170 million  pieces of metal smaller than 1 cm are polluting space? And it's not like there's a Space Mum up there cleaning. 

How would you like it if your house was attacked  by litter monsters. If you have rubbish put it in the bin it's as simple as that.  Is the world you want to live in ruined by litter, be part of the solution not the pollution .

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Discovery time reflection

DT wk4
Today at discovery I made a nurse. Megan knew how to make  stickers  so I made  plasters and they ACTUALLY  work.  I made a box for the plasters it looked a lot like a real box. My struggle was making the dress but Pippa helped. All you have to do is get a piece of fabric and wrap it around the doll and cut a strap of fabric and make it as a belt. I  drew a Red Cross on the top. And I wrote Mia on a label for a name. Next thing I will work on is making an office for the doll. I learnt how to make a dress but you don't have to sew . My strength was making the plasters next time I'm going to make a office for nurse Mia and ask my dad if he can come in and help. 

By Emily